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Not Surprising

Looks like breed specific legislation doesn’t work:

It was our impression that Muskegon Heights’ tough city ordinance limiting pit bulls and dangerous dogs would have been more effective. Yet clearly, more needs to be done and is being done in the wake of several pit bull attacks on children in that city.

The solution propose, of course, is doing more of the same. The particular incident prompting the new crackdown:

Tre’s injuries came from a dog chained up next to his grandmother’s house.

Dogs on chains (of any breed) tend to become aggressive. They’re not fond of being restrained. On some media hysteria:

Pit bulls are not the only dog bred specifically for its ferocity, but it is the chief breed raised for bloody “sporting” matches in which two dogs are pitted against each other in a contest to the death. Some people also keep them around because they “guard” the house.

Pit bulls were not bred for ferocity. They were bred for gameness and dog aggression. They actually make pretty lousy guard dogs.

One Response to “Not Surprising”

  1. Marc Says:

    Funny thing is that those who advocate having a dog for self protection instead of a gun are likely all for legislating against dogs they fear are “too aggressive”.

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