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Surely, it’s a photoshop

Head, displaying an image of a heavily armed New York City police officer standing guard outside the NYSE, notes that the officer has his Aimpoint red dot sight mounted backward. From the image, it looks like he does.

Update: Nope, not a photoshop.

4 Responses to “Surely, it’s a photoshop”

  1. Robert Douglas Says:

    That is no photoshop. Take a look at the original news photo:

  2. Phelps Says:

    How much do you want to bet that the magazine is empty?

    Friggin Barney Fife, alive and well in NYC. I just wish that all the other pictures didn’t suggest that this is the norm in the NYPD rather than the exception.

  3. Kaegh Says:

    Phelps, your comment about the magazine being empty, reminded me about he situation in airports after 9-11. You could have taken 10 or 20 $100.00 bills into any airport, and told any of the ‘uniformed, gun carrying National guardsmen’ that you would give them $100 for each magazine they had loaded with real bullets.
    You would have left the airport 16 hours later with all the money. There was never an armed NG member in any of the airports, remember?

  4. SayUncle » On the ninjafying of the police Says:

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