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RTB Updates

Bubba has an update to RTB membership. Welcome aboard, all.

In other news, Mike has apparently quit the RTB due to some joke Bubba made at the expense of Bill Hobbs. Mike may be taking it a bit too far. Sure, Bubba and Bill have had their little tussles but a joke is a joke. Hate to see Mike go.

One Response to “RTB Updates”

  1. mike hollihan Says:

    Think of me as the canary in the coal mine. It’s one thing for Bubba to trash Bill all he wants on his own blog. Or to deflect links, etc. His blog, his choice. But when it creeps into “official” RTB stuff, especially in a “do as I say, not as I just did” way, I’m troubled.

    I posted my concern on his blog’s comments and he posted what I thought was a flippant, snarky response that was basically, “I’ll wait for Bill to complain. Chill out drama queen.” I withdrew and he then deleted all the comments! Stalinist. Only Justin’s non-sequitor “Nixonian” comment remains to mark it.

    Bubba was scrupulous about not letting his animus for Bill creep into the RTB umbrella itself. He crossed that line on Monday. Protestations of “I was just kidding.” are only a coward’s way of making a point while not taking any responsibility.

    You’ll also notice that not only do you now have the RTB constitution, which used to be sufficient, but you now have a speech code. What’s next? That’s my worry.

    Over-reacting? Maybe so. But watch and see if this isn’t the first of more steps to come.

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