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Say you’re a student at a school. You find in your book bag a BB gun that you’re not supposed to have. You do the right thing and tell school officials about. Your reward:

A district-court judge in Yadkin County ruled yesterday that 11-year-old Micheal Beam should remain in the group home where he was placed after he found an unloaded BB pistol in his book bag and reported it to school officials.

I thought schools were supposed to encourage kids to do the right thing. Not punish them for it.

3 Responses to “Lame”

  1. Fox Says:

    Of course this would happen. You get a reasonably intelligent and honest kid, he does the right thing, and WHAM! the school goes into liberal psychotic mode…

    So, we now teach our kids that the “right thing” is to just skip class and take the gun home? Of course, then the parents get called about the kid not being in school, right?

    If I ever have kids, I’m going with home schooling, even if I have to retire early.

  2. tgirsch Says:


    Oh, come off it. Liberal psychotic mode? Replace “BB gun” with “porn magazine” or “marijuana” and you get pretty much the same result from the conservative holier-than-thous.

  3. cube Says:

    the only problem is that BB guns in NOT illeagal for children to buy (much like the other things you missed).

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