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Vicarious Gun Porn

A reader sends his M1A with a Reese folding stock. Me likey:

6 Responses to “Vicarious Gun Porn”

  1. geekWithA.45 Says:

    Take a closer look @ the mag. It’s not an m1 carbine. It’s an M1A dressed up with a folding stock.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    That’s what I meant

  3. Jay G Says:

    I’ve got a Universal M1 carbine with a telescoping stock, and one look at that magazine told me it wasn’t an M1… 😉

  4. Publicola Says:

    Ya know, those stocks (with some minor fitting) work for Garands as well. They’re from BM-59’s which is a fine little firearm in its own right.

  5. Peter Says:

    That there be my very own M1A SOCOM 16 with an EO Tech holosight, which, with the original Springfield syn stock, is THE 3-gun tac rifle. The Reese Surplus, Inc. stock is well made, a snug drop-in. And, it’s a real 30 cal riffle, not a poodle shooter.

    Thanks, Uncle.

  6. SayUncle » 412 Precondition Failed - update Says:

    […] Apparently, using the word porn in a post title (as in gun porn – like this one) has affected the security modules. Let me know if you still get the 412 error. This may increase spamminess on the site but we’ll see. […]