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Houston ATF May Investigate CNN felony

Thanks to a reader, I have copies of emails from an ATF agent who was forwarded the CNN transcript. The email from the ATF agent says:

I have forwarded this to the Houston office. There is no straw purchase since the transaction does not involve a licensed dealer. However the owner did sell a firearm to a non-resident of Texas which is a violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(a)(5).

I should note that it depends on what is meant by “owner.” The owner (or original seller) sold to a Texas resident who gave the weapon to the other reporter. We’ll see.

I’ll update this post with details as more information is confirmed.

Heartless Libertarian wants to make sure this doesn’t go away and is advocating calls to Houston ATF. I have now confirmed that the ATF is aware but people should keep up the pressure.

I think this may be a first SayUncle Exclusive!

Update: Triggerfinger thinks the agent is only partially correct. And, competition aside, my post is the first confirmation that some one at the ATF is aware not the first notice that people are contacting them.

Update 2: Heartless Libertarian points out that the ATF agent in the email is focusing on the seller (presumably the guy who sold the rifle to the CNN person who was a resident of Texas) and not the transfer:

Only problem here is that Griffin, the CNN reporter, and his crew, are in violation of section 922(a)(3) of the same law, which the ATF doesn’t seem to concerned about.

Update 3: Via Matt, Michael Bane notes:

Based on my conversations with legal experts within the firearms industry, CNN did indeed violate at least one, and probably two, federal firearms laws in their reporting of the .50 caliber controversy last week.

Representatives of the industry are currently in touch with the ATF.

More to come.

8 Responses to “Houston ATF May Investigate CNN felony”

  1. FreedomSight Says:

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  2. SayUncle : Lies and the lying liars who lie about lying about them Says:

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  3. TriggerFinger Says:

    I think my commenter got there first, but you’ve got more info. Either way, good to know.

  4. Kevin Baker Says:

    That’s excellent news!

  5. Justin Says:

    Keep it UP!!!

  6. Thibodeaux Says:

    Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if the ATF comes down on the seller like a ton of bricks, and completely lets CNN slide? I mean, that would be just outstanding.

  7. Gregory Markle Says:

    What the ATF agent is conveniently ignoring is that a private purchase is only legal if the weapon is purchased for PERSONAL use…a private purchase with the express intent to transfer or sell the weapon to another entity is illegal even if state lines aren’t involved (I think the only “loophole” would be that you may “gift” the weapon to a spouse or immediate family member.)

  8. robert Says:

    Trust the BATFE to screw this up badly.

    BUT, just in case they DO bust CNN, then how about going to the NEXT case: Kerry and his shotgun? And then there’s always Sarah Brady and her deer-rifle purchase…and I believe a pistol has been illegally imported to a Federal DC Oval office and is currently being displayed there…can we see THAT paperwork?

    Either stupid law for everyone or stupid laws for NO one.