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Sales are up

A LA reporter on the expired assault weapons ban:

For ten years, it was illegal to manufacture or import semi-automatic weapons in the United States.

No, it wasn’t. It was illegal to manufacture or import semi-automatic weapons that accepted a detachable magazine that had more than one of either a flash suppressor, threaded barrel for a flash suppressor, folding stock, bayonet lug, and pistol grip. She also reports:

Greg Ware with Southwest Gun and Knife Shop says he’s definitely seen a hike since the ban expired. He sells five to six AK-47’s a week and demand is so high, he says, he sold out of them last weekend. Ware says, “Mainly they want to get one while they can. That’s the big deal, they’re legal now, people want to get them while they can. People are afraid they’re going to reinstitute a ban again and not be able to purchase them.”

Earl Gothreaux with Hunters Supply and Pistol Range says he’s seen an increase in the purchase of high capacity magazines. Not only can people purchase more rounds, they can get them for less. “Now that the law has expired, it went from $100 down to $25 again, so you’re able to get high capacity magazines for about five year ago prices,” said Gothreaux.

With no ban in effect, people can now get and are asking for accessories like bayonets and flash suppressors on assault weapons. Those who sell them say they know the main reason why. Ware says, “For cosmetic reasons. It looks good to have an assault weapon, it looks good and it’s a conversation piece. People show their gun and say, ‘Look at this, look at what I have on it’ and all the different accessories. It looks like the type of gun they’re seeing used on TV right now.” Gothreaux says, “People want what the Army has. People have the Rambo feeling or whatever. So, they get all fired up and they want something like that and there again, it’s because you can, you do.”

Excellent. However, people don’t have what the army has. The army has select fire machine guns.

One Response to “Sales are up”

  1. cube Says:

    i want what the army has.

    i would not mind having a few tanks also with a few hundred depleted unaraimun rounds

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