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I have a mental disorder

Today’s Idiot is Robert Schiering, who writes that we gun nuts have no excuse:

At first glance, the term “gun nut” would appear to be nothing more than an ad hominem against the more enthusiastic weapon owners of this country. However, as one reads the literature espoused by gun nut organizations, the reasoning behind this term becomes startlingly clear. Gun nuts are called as such because they are incontrovertibly insane.

Actually, his entire article is one big ad hominem attack. I notice that his use of statistics doesn’t paint the whole picture. He points out the number of gun deaths but doesn’t note the numbers that are suicides (i.e., well over half) and thus doesn’t adequately compare the cost benefit. He also fails to mention gun uses that stop

He also states:

Owning an arsenal is not a “way of life,” it is a mental disorder. It is an unjustifiable paranoia that leads to thousands of unjustified deaths every year. Let’s put this in perspective. Annually, about 17,000 people die of illicit drug use (illegal), 0 people die of marijuana use (also illegal), 20,000 people die of sexual behaviors (not illegal, but frowned upon), while some 29,000 die in a firearm related incident, 1 percent of which result in a “bad guy” eating a lead sandwich.

This guy apparently just read all the anti-gun websites and repeated their propaganda. He’ll make a good journalist someday. My arsenal is a hobby. I like building things and shooting paper targets. I only own two guns that are for self defense and they are two handguns. The rest are hobby guns. What the boy genius here fails to note is the amount of crime that is prevented with guns that don’t involve someone eating a lead sandwich. What a moron. How’s that for ad hominem?

5 Responses to “I have a mental disorder”

  1. Jay G Says:

    All of your guns are for self-defense, Unc.

    Only two are dedicated as such…

  2. ben Says:

    how many of the persons eating lead sandwiches were bad guys in general, but not commiting a crime at the time of the sandwich consumption? Are there stats for this, i.e. the “good riddance” factor?

  3. Denise Says:

    Say Uncle,
    I was so infuriated when I read this article that I had to blog on it, but with a big tip of the hat to you and your post.

    And, Ben the article throws in some statistics that include dead bad guys, and the numbers are not high. Guns have a deterent effect that cannot be measured in terms of dead bad guys, plus the statistics are not reliable. Some “murders” are really justifiable homicide, just not classed as such.

    I hate arguing statistics anyway since one can twist the numbers in so many ways.

  4. markm Says:

    And nearly half the true murders are one bad guy killing another.

  5. One Stack Mind » You don’t need an excuse when you’ve done nothing wrong. Says:

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