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Worth noting

Taser will implement background checks on buyers of their products:

Taser International Inc. is hiring a company to conduct criminal background checks and verify the identity of private citizens trying to buy its stun guns.

Taser chose Atlanta-based ChoicePoint Asset Co. to provide online criminal background information and identity verification, said Rick Smith, Taser’s co-founder and chief executive.

He said the checks confirm Taser’s commitment to ensuring its devices, “designed for personal safety and citizen defense, are purchased for those very reasons.”

2 Responses to “Worth noting”

  1. Cinomed Says:

    It won’t stop the police from using them on little old ladies, guys in wheel chairs, or 12 year olds that are truant.
    YAY, onther pointless fact check. *spit*

  2. Dan in Michigan Says:

    I have long thought that the downfall for taser would be the use of these guns for armed robbery. Just walk up behind someone, zap’em, take their wallet and walk away.