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You mean BSL didn’t solve the problem?

Actual Headline: Teen not bitten by pit bull:

A teenager who was bitten by a dog Saturday was not attacked by a pit bull.

Galen Barrett, chief animal control officer for Council Bluffs, said Laura Rocha was bitten by a Laborador-mix (sic) dog at about 5:30 p.m. as she walked in the 100 block of South Ninth Street.

Rocha, 17, received a small laceration on her left buttock, Barrett said.

The dog may have some pit bull in it, but the city’s new pit bull ordinance doesn’t apply unless that is the animal’s primary breed, Barrett said. That means he can’t pursue the owners under the city’s new pit bull ordinance.

“This incident is being handled as a typical bite incident would be handled,” Barrett said.

All dog attacks should be handled the same way. It shouldn’t matter what specific breed did the biting. Aggressive and unrestrained dogs of almost any size are a nuisance if not dangerous. Breed specific legislation that recently passed in Council Bluffs is not only ineffective against pit bulls, it’s ineffective against dog bites.

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    […] t, the media even reports when someone is attacked by a dog and the dog is not a pit bull, that the dog is not a pit bull as if to convey surprise. The […]

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