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Ten things that give SayUncle the willies

Or, you know, just annoy me.

10 – That 6’5″ black rapping cowboy.

9 – Nothing like heading to the head, having a seat, and realizing the toilet seat was been warmed for you.

8 – A while back, Yahoo’s front page was running an ad for Ellen Degeneres’ show. It featured a flash animation of her dancing. The sight of Degeneres shaking her man ass gives me the willies.

7 – The combination of powdered donuts and pickle juice.

6 – David Caruso

5 – That weird lady from Poltergeist

4 – Whenever someone uses the non-word hisself

3 – Men who, when at the toilet, piss directly into the water as though they’re delighted with the noise it makes. Guys, there is that little section in the bowl just above the water line and below the rim (make sure you keep it below the rim) that silences that sound. Geez, do you do that at a chick’s house when you’re picking her up for a date?

2 – Whenever someone pronounces et cetera as ek cetera. It’s a T not a K.

1 – Gum on sidewalks.

One Response to “Ten things that give SayUncle the willies”

  1. Says:

    Say Uncle’s list of Willies or Annoyances.
    SayUncle posts things that give him the Willies. I decided to comment here, since his comments are down.His words are in italics, just so ya know.Or, you know, just annoy me.10 – That 6?5? black rapping cowboy.Agreed, yet still love the group.9 –