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Les had more

Well, Les did. I miss Thursday gun links. Les asks: So, what guns are you buying in the new year?

I’m not sure what I will get this year, however here’s my current wish list:

An AK (this I will definitely get this year). I’m torn between building one like this or converting a Saiga.

I’m also in the market for a pocket gun, though I don’t know which one.

I will also very likely build an AR15 in 6.8MM SPC, like this one from Mid South.

I’m also looking into a plinking pistol, such as a Walther P22.

And I want a suppressor to go with that Walther as well as my Ruger 10/22, like this one from Tactical Inc.

And the Springfield SOCOM looks pretty awesome.

And I want a New England Survivor in 308 Win, available at your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart.

So, what are you getting?

20 Responses to “Les had more”

  1. Cybrludite Says:

    As far as the pocket gun goes, I really like my Kel-Tec P-32.

  2. Jay G Says:

    This year’s going to be slim pickin’s…

    I bought not one but two new guns in 2004. That’s two more than my GFW wife wanted me to…

    To keep the peace in the G household, I’ll limit the 2005 gun purchases to one gun, possibly two if by some miracle I can afford two cash…

    What one gun will I be buying? Either a Smith & Wesson model 617 .22LR or a Ruger Single Six .22LR/.22 Mag.

    I want a cheap plinker that’s not fussy about feeding ammo. I want to be able to go to the range with a .22LR revolver and my Winchester Model 1906 pump-action .22, spend 2 hours shooting, and spend $9 for 550 rounds of ammo…

    Alternately, I might spend a hundred bucks or so getting my Hi-Standard model H-D military .22LR back in shooting order…

  3. cube Says:

    as far as the whalther p22 i have heard bad things about it.

    It might have been on les’s sight actually or the shooters carnivil.

  4. Ray Gratrix Says:

    I always buy a gun with the money from my federal tax refund. It is a symbolic gesture for me.
    I’m thinking of a 12 gauge SxS I can use for occasional trap and as a backup shotgun for cowboy action shooting. Looking at the Stoeger Uplander. If not that, a Beretta 85 380, because I think they are the prettiest semi-auto pistols ever made.
    I don’t know much about the Walther P22, but I have a Browning Buck Mark and I really like it. And it is cheaper than the Walther.
    I have three Ruger Single Sixes, (one with a Bisley grip), so I obviously think those are great guns.

  5. Les Jones Says:

    Uncle: you’re in luck. I posted new gun links this morning.

    Cube: the P22 I tested a few years ago had lots of problems, but Walther seems to have fixed those in the newer runs. I shot Rich Hailey’s last summer, and it was trouble-free. There’s an active thread over at my site that still gets a few comments a week.

  6. Chris Says:

    I picked up a Springfield Socom a couple of weeks ago. It is being fitted for a tactical sling so I can carry it like an AR-15. It shoots great and has fairly light recoil.

    I may get a Krinkov (Class III) from In Range.

    I may also buy a S & W 1911 5″ Scandium when they become available.

  7. Drake Says:

    I echo the slim pickings sentiment. I am pretty content with my collection, but I am wanting to track down a Colt Python. Stainless of course. I feel pretty confident I can find an Elite, if nothing else. Will cost me entirely too much, probably.

  8. cube Says:

    ahh thanks les.

    I will update a friend who I advised not to get one.

  9. JR Says:

    I’m presently lusting after a new SVI to use in USPSA. Hopefully, I’ll fall into a pile of money this year and that can happen.

  10. GMontag Says:

    Smallest Para Ordnance .45 ACP that fits in my hand properly, with the largest capacity in that size. Looking like a Warthog or S1445(?).

    Extra 26″ threaded barrel for the Benelli Nova Pump to use on Trap.

  11. Bill Says:

    I cant get a weapon since i moved back to Chicago…

  12. Fox Says:

    I own a Walther P22 myself, some of the earlier versions of it weren’t all that good but Walther has been consistantly improving it. Mine has presented no problems thus far with decent ammunition, but low quality stuff doesn’t have the power to push the slide back all the way and jams it. CCI Minimags are perfect for it, a bit more expensive but don’t provide problems.

  13. Fox Says:

    Personally, I’m looking into getting an NAA Black Widow in either .22-.22 Mag (conversion cylinder) or .17 HMR… Mostly just as a fun gun, I have a Walther P99 for carry and a Glock 21 (.45) for home defense…

  14. Kirk Parker Says:

    I’m with Cybrludite–the P32 is a wonderful pocket gun, though if I were buying today I’d get the P3AT (.380) instead, which is amazingly only a hair larger than the P32. I did get a chance to shoot the P3AT recently and it was surprisingly controllable given the tiny size and light weight.

  15. jesse Says:

    Well, I ordered a RRA Entry Tactical with all the “evil” features about a month ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet, so that’ll be my first gun purchase of the year.

    I’m also planning to get an 870 in the “home defense” configuration.

    I’m not really sure what will come after that, but I’m sure I’ll manage to find something. Heh.

  16. trainer Says:

    April 15th is “buy a Python for Trainer” day.

    I have a P22 (about a year old) that I bought for *SHE*. It is picky with ammo, but otherwise fine. I did do a bit of smithing to smooth some rough ‘ears’ so they wouldn’t gouge the aluminum frame…I found instructions on the web. With proper ammo, it’s a ball to shoot.

    I’m picking up a Springfield 1911 Milspec within a couple of weeks (my third variant), and selling the Kimber…(there is just something wrong about a polymer 1911) although the Kimber shoots fine.

    The above will happen, but my goal this year is to get a current production Scout M1A or Tanker Garand. Anything left over goes toward a BAR or a Remington 700.

    I generally buy 3 – 4 firearms a year. This past year I bought the P22, .45 Kimber, 9×18 Makarov, SKS, .357 Colt Trooper, and a 1022 Ruger.

  17. GunGeek Says:

    Oh, you’re sooo close on the New England Survivor. What you really want is because it has iron sights and you can use the $9 difference in price, combined with the money you get from selling the wood stock that comes with it, to offset most (if not all) of the cost of getting the “survivor” stock for it.

    Also, it will end up a little lighter in weight without that bull barrel which isn’t necessary in a “survival” rifle.

    In my case, I got the .223 Youth Lightweight model (shorter barrel) and added a .308 barrel to it. Spent the extra $30 or so to have iron sights added to the .308 when I ordered it, since they don’t come standard.

    Just something to consider…

  18. GunGeek Says:

    A “Preview” button would sure be nice. đŸ™‚

    Looks like I forgot to terminate my link. DOH!!

    The link points to NEF’s standard .308 model with wood stocks.


  19. Jay G Says:

    In a cosmic, karmic sense, it’s really for the best that I married a GFW.


    Because if I married a fellow firearm enthusiast, I have no doubt that I’d buy at least a dozen guns a year.

    Maybe more…

  20. F-Stop Says:

    I’d sure like a Beretta Elite II in 9mm. That is unless it comes out in .357 Sig.