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First of all, life without TiVo sucks. I keep trying to pause live TV when I can’t. Of course, what is more sad is that the Mrs. tries to pause and rewind live radio in her car so I don’t have the bug as badly as her. That said, it was only about a month ago when I told the Mrs. that TiVo (or I) need to create a portable storage device so you can watch your TV on the road or take your TV to other places. Turns out, TiVo just did:

No longer confined to TiVo digital video recorders in the living room or bedroom, subscribers will be able to transfer their recorded shows to PCs or laptops and take them on the road as long as the shows are not specially tagged with copy restrictions. That’s also the case for pay-per-view or on-demand movies, and some premium paid programming.

Most excellent. Unfortunately, the article states it doesn’t work with DirecTV TiVo units, which is what I have. Still, when I’m on the road, it’d be nice to load a few hours on the old laptop for viewing on the plane or at the airport.

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