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We do chicken right err in a bureaucratic, socialist, wanna-be-utopian sort of way

CAGW Blog (who really needs friendlier permalinks) reports that, and I am not making this up*, KFC must disclose its secret recipe because the secret recipe is unfair to its European competitors:

In an international anti-trust case, a European Union court ruled on Wednesday that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), an American institution, was being unfair to its European competitors and consumers by controlling such a large percentage of the fast-food chicken market in Europe. And to fix this inequity, the court ruled that KFC has to disclose to its competitors the “secret recipe” for making their chicken taste so darn good.”

Update: * It actually is made up. I thought that was clear.

4 Responses to “We do chicken right err in a bureaucratic, socialist, wanna-be-utopian sort of way”

  1. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    So…Europe can’t produce a competitor to KFC, and yet, here in South Carolina, we have Church’s, Bojangles, and Popeye’s, all of which seem to do pretty good business, and most folks I know prefer one of the above to KFC.

    Make up your own secret recipe, losers.

    Maybe a U.S. court should rule that Airbus should give up their secret recipe for getting government funding, since it’s unfair to competitors.

  2. lobbygow Says:

    Of course, “KFC” is actually Microsoft, but the point is still valid. I’m not microsoft’s biggest fan, but I didn’t agree with most of sought for remedies against them in their anti-trust case here in the U.S.

    Then again, I do everything I can to avoid using IE.

  3. Manish Says:

    HL…this case isn’t about KFC, its about Microsoft. The author of the original piece tried to make the comparison between whats happening to Microsoft with if it were to happen to chicken. Of course, the cases are completely different. The difference is that Microsofts “secret recipe” affects the ability of software developers to make competitive products while KFCs secret recipe has no effect on any other chicken retailer.

  4. jed Says:

    Can’t count on people to catch the Dave Barry reference, eh?