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It’s a major award

Les has my WECSOG diploma. Too funny. Since I have my WECSOG diploma, I should share my latest endeavor. AR15 folks are familiar with Magpuls. Essentially, a Magpul keeps magazines in a pouch from banging together (to prevent scuffs and such) and provides a positive grip surface when doing tactical reloads. But mostly, they’re just neat looking. They cost over $3 each but I just got 30 of them for free. I made my own out of a used bicycle inner tube. Get an old inner tube and cut off some 1.5 to 2 inch strips and stretch them over the base of the mag. Leave a little slack at the end for grip. Here’s a pic:

You could probably use two strips of tube and run one under the magazine floorplate to make it look more like a real Magpul. However, I imagine if you ever pulled one out of the pouch and it was stuck that you might end up with some bruised knuckles.

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