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Eminent Domain Round Up

A reminder Kelo v. New London is heading to to the Supreme Court. Here’s a quick summary.

In (not so) Freeport, Tx, Eminent Domain is being used for the confiscation of private land to build a private yacht marina. A reader emails Scandal In Freeportwhich is keeping up with the Freeport case.

An editorial reminds cities that the use of Eminent Domain should be for well-defined public purposes.

And in New Jersey, it’s still OK to take from one private individual to give to another:

“What a wonderful Christmas present for the people of Sayreville,” Mayor Kennedy O’Brien said. “Five years of persistence and hard work have been vindicated in court.”

Yes, usurping the Constitution, breaking the law, and illegally taking someone’s property is a wonderful Christmas present.

It’s like they’ve got a deadline to meet or something.

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