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On Diversity

Some happy new year gun porn follows.

A while back, Kim du Toit posted some gun picks highlighting them as Diversity. He seems to be lacking in the diversity department (but makes up for it in the quantity department) as there’s not enough stuff in the black, plastic and aluminum department. So, I’ll pick up the slack (all pics taken at the Uncle Land Work Bench where he is a devout practitioner of the WECSOG):

Mr. Blasty (version 2.0):

Mr. Plinkie:

This guy has no name, feel free to suggest one:

And the carry department:

Maybe I need to get more diverse too?

2 Responses to “On Diversity”

  1. Alphecca Says:

    For Your Viewing Pleasure…
    Say Uncle has some gun porn up on his site. Rats, I’m drooling on the keyboard……

  2. You'll Always Find a Fifth Says:

    From Say Uncle’s reply to Kim du Toit, on diversity, I have my own additions to the discussion. On a side note, the best looking gun is one that is being used, safely and properly, of course. Enjoy.  …

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