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If only they put that much effort into the ideas

This morning on the local talk radio show, they were having a contest. The folks at Patriotic Historical Documents were giving away posters of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to anyone who could name where those documents were kept and how they were stored. I almost called in and said As toilet paper at the Capitol Building but I didn’t. It reminded me of this:

bor poll.jpg

But I digress. I knew they were kept at the National Archives. I didn’t know that those documents are stored in a hermetically sealed, bullet proof container that contains helium gas to preserve the paper. Every night, the container is placed underground behind five ton steel and concrete doors. This structure can supposedly withstand a direct nuclear blast.

I found it ironic that so much effort, time and money would be spent to protect what basically is just paper. I found it even more ironic that, while the .gov goes through all this expense and effort to protect that document that restricts the power of the government, that it expends more expense and effort trying to usurp those limitations.

6 Responses to “If only they put that much effort into the ideas”

  1. Thibodeaux Says:

    I think there’s a treasure map on the back of it, or something.

  2. Jay G Says:

    E plebnista…

  3. Cinomed's Tower Says:

    SayUncle, on the founding documents.
    SayUncle is talking about the founding documents and the efforts used to protect the paper vs the ideals.
    Good Stuff.

  4. Les Jones Says:

    Thib: Yeah, it can withstand a direct nuclear blast, but our country is powerless to protect it against Nicholas Cage’s first attempt at robbery. 🙂

  5. Manish Says:

    It can withstand a direct nuclear blast, but is powerless against John Ashcroft.

  6. cube Says:

    “It can withstand a direct nuclear blast, but is powerless against John Ashcroft. ”

    Actually it probably cannot withstand a DIRECT nuclear blast, though it can withstand on right near it.

    NORAD is the same way, it is based of proablity. What is the chance that a nuclear blast will hit directly on the spot, it might get close but not on top.

    just thought i would share

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