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More ways to kill your brain

If you’re looking for more ways than loud music or reruns of Saved By the Bell to kill your brain, look no further than simply washing your hair. Especially if you are a rat. Yes, it seems that there is a chemical in shampoo and other such products that might or might not give you dain bramage.

My mother is always keeping me up-to-date on the latest things that can kill you by causing cancer or whatever. Stuff like electric blankets or farm-raised salmon (but she uses Sweet & Low, which says right on the package that it causes cancer in laboratory rats–go figure). She never told me that washing my hair can kill me.

Of course, anything can kill you or cause brain damage. Even water. Is this a case of scientists with nothing better to do than research shampoo side-effects, or is there really a problem? We report, you decide… But I’ll be waiting on the next Pantene commercial: “Pantene…ridding your head of dirt and neurons. Some users of Pantene may experience side effects, such as brain damage, miscommunicative neurons, or anal leakage. If symptons persist, contact your doctor immediately.”

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