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Dead men don’t have a side to the story

In an update to the hunter incident, the suspect (Chai Vang ) is claiming he was fired upon first after being called racially insensitive names. The suspect also has a history of waving guns around.

The story just doesn’t jive. Triggerfinger thinks so too.

4 Responses to “Dead men don’t have a side to the story”

  1. Gunscribe Says:

    Uncle, I have been following this as early Saturday evening I was told by a friend in Wi. that he had just been notified that his friend and former boss had been killed in a “hunting accident”. He said his friend had been shot in the neck. That was all of the details he had at the time and I have not talked to him since. From that I am assuming that his friend is one of the victims in this tragedy.
    The questions I have concern the 35 year old shooter. Over and above his previous scrapes with the law; Is he a citizen or resident alien? How old was he when he migrated to the land of milk and honey? If he was already an adult what is/was his previous vocation/training in life. I just get the feeling that this shooter reeks of military training of some sort. It would not suprise me to find out that he is a political refugee.

  2. Gunscribe Says:

    Out of deference for my friend, who reads my blog, I am not blogging this.


  3. Gunscribe Says:

    Dang I guess I should read your links before I comment.. “military sharpshooter”
    Grrrr My bad…

  4. markm Says:

    He’s Hmong (a tribesman from the Vietnamese mountains, but not ethnically Vietnamese). Most of the emigration from there was in a few years each side of 1975. I doubt many of those that stayed in Vietnam survived the commie victory for long. He was probably born here, or somewhere in transit.

    It’s possible and quite likely that he’s got American military service – we recruited lots of Hmong to fight for us in Vietnam, and I’d expect many of the Hmong-American boys to continue the tradition. Besides that, immigrants understand why the military is important better than many natural-born Americans. You don’t have to be a citizen to join, just a resident. Non-citizens generally can’t get a security clearance, but there’s plenty of military jobs that don’t need one, including infantryman.

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