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Canada’s pit bull ban

Noting that the Humane Societies are against breed specific legislation, critics of the proposed dog ban in Canada are calling the proposal unworkable for the reasons I’ve outlined here before:

Mr. Roney said that because pit bulls are cross-breeds, Canadian and American kennel associations don’t recognize them as an individual breed. “Most casual observers can’t tell the difference” between a pit bull and other breeds of dog that look similar, he said.

“Banning one breed which is very difficult to identify is going to lead to chaos,” Mr. Roney said. “That’s what our colleagues in Windsor, (which) recently introduced a breed ban, are telling us.”

City officials in Windsor “had to basically say that if a vet thinks it’s a pit bull, it’s a pit bull. And what we see in American jurisdictions are lawsuits after lawsuits as to whether an animal is a pit bull or not.”

“It’s been established … that breed-specific legislation is very difficult to enforce, if not impossible,” said Christine Hartig, a project officer with Ottawa bylaw services. “So I’m not sure how we’re going to do it, to be honest.”

Ban the deed, not the breed.

2 Responses to “Canada’s pit bull ban”

  1. Les Jones Says:

    “Ban the deed, not the breed.”

    I like it. How about “You can have my pit bull when you pry his jaws off my cold, dead neck.” 😉

  2. Manish Says:

    FYI…Its only in the province of Ontario, not the entire country.