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Assault Weapons Ban Round Up – 3 days

When Tim Lambert agrees with John Lott on the assault weapons ban, that should be a sign the bill is useless.

Lawmen expect little change on the street:

Police chiefs In Kenai, Wasilla, Fairbanks and North Pole expressed no concern about the likely lifting of the nationwide ban on certain military-style firearms, while the Anchorage police chief predicted deadlier weapons will now find their way into more criminals’ hands.

XRLQ has a map of states that have bans. Only seven states? And I thought the ban was popular.

Publicola tells us that Rhodes doesn’t get it.

Did you know you can mail a gun to yourself?

Oliver Willis proves, once again, he has no original thoughts and parrots some one else’s talking points.

While John Cole shows us real assault weapons used by terrorists.

Yglesias on the ban:

Back in my pre-shrill days, and especially when I was surrounded by very bright but typically underinformed leftwing college students I spent a lot of time trying to clear the brush of liberal argumentation, so in that spirit I’m going to risk the wrath of the Almighty Atrios and say that I find Pie’s worry that terrorists will acquire assault weapons by the boatload (literally) and kill us all to be uncommonly silly. The differences between banned assault weapons and many non-banned cognate guns are quite small. We could argue ’till the cows come home as to whether these differences mean anything at all, but they certainly aren’t major enough that the make-or-break decision for al-Qaeda as to whether or not to unleash a hail of bullets on the American people is going to hinge on the renewal or non-renewal of the assault weapons ban.

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  1. Thibodeaux Says:

    Well well…maybe some sanity is starting to leak into some heads.