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In other words, the law doesn’t work

A girl was attacked by a pit bull. The owner of the dog did not follow Ohio’s law that requires owners of vicious dogs (which includes all pit bulls) to have $100K in insurance. So, an irresponsible dog owner who allows is dog to run loose, which is certainly a violation of leash laws that most cities have, also doesn’t obey insurance laws. Go figure.

Ohio’s law, which labels pit bulls as vicious by default, should be re-written to classify dogs as vicious once they act, you know, viciously.

2 Responses to “In other words, the law doesn’t work”

  1. SayUncle : More on the SF dog ban Says:

    […] dog fighting. And, of course, people predisposed to keep dogs that are mean are typically not predisposed to obeying the law. Pit bulls have better than […]

  2. Rick DeMent Says:

    I buy that… I have ran into some pretty scary cocker spanials in my day.

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