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But it was 30 years ago

Captain Ed:

The Left spent the entire campaign shouting “Bush Lied — People Died!” as a disqualification for the presidency. Now that we’ve determined that Bush didn’t lie, that he represented the intelligence given to him accurately, will the Left hold John Kerry to the same standard? He lied about his Cambodian missions in order to lend credence to his testimony about witnessing systematic atrocities by American servicemen in Viet Nam, leading to our withdrawal — and the genocide that followed.

Kerry lied, millions died. Millions died.

Is that the leadership that the Left endorses?

Ouch. Now, it is quite a stretch to say that Kerry’s actions caused millions to die, and I doubt that is the point. The fact that Kerry has maintained the lie after basing the entirety of his reason for public service on it makes it abysmal.

Meanwhile, Instapundit reports the lack of media coverage and has a good round up of the whole thing.


Update: More ouch:

And the Post manages to write an entire editorial about the veracity of the Swiftvets without even noting that their first charge scored a direct hit this week.

One Response to “But it was 30 years ago”

  1. Bithead Says:

    It’s no stretch.
    Think; Could Pol Pot ahve pulled off what he did, had the US not withdrawn from the area? And why’d hey do that? It was at least in part in response to the lies spead by Kerry as regards suppsoed attrocities committed by US troops.

    Laying these deaths at Kerry’s feet is not at all out of line.