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Sorry about your business, here’s a sign

In Lewiston, Maine, city officials are considering taking a man’s property to build a convention center:

Hollis said he planned to rebuild on the lot until last April when city officials began discussing taking the property by eminent domain.

Hollis and the city began negotiating a sale soon afterward.

Last June, city officials announced an agreement to pay $250,000 for the empty lots and use it in a redevelopment for a possible conference center. As part of the agreement, though, Hollis must legally absolve the city of responsibility for the explosion. Hollis said he is not eager to sign the agreement.

“If I do, my insurance company canīt come back _ I canīt come back _ and sue them if I have to,” Hollis said.

The city also agreed to relocate his business last year at a cost of $540,000. Still Hollis said he doubts the buses are going anywhere soon.

City Administrator Jim Bennett said the city will agree to put up a sign, directing Hollisī customers to his new location once the agreement is signed.

A convention center is for the public good?

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