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A little close to home

The mayor of Smyrna, TN wants to register vicious dogs:

People who own pit bulls or other breeds officials deem vicious may have to register the animals with the town if a proposal by Mayor Bob Spivey is approved.

The proposal was discussed Thursday during the Smyrna Town Council workshop.

Rutherford County Animal Control officials said they feel their hands are tied in protecting people and other animals from hostile dogs because of weak state laws.

What are these weak state laws? Apparently, these weak state laws don’t assume a dog is vicious until the dog is, you know, vicious. It boils down to breed specific legislation:

That’s why Spivey said he wants Smyrna to expand its existing animal ordinances to mandate that vicious dogs, and certain breeds, be registered with the town no matter whether the animal has done anything. He specifically mentioned pit bulls as one breed that should be registered.

And as readers here know, breed specific legislation is ineffective.

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