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You have a cousin now

Baby girl, Six pounds, nine oz. 18.5 inches long. Perfect health. Couldn’t be happier. Mrs. is doing well. Me, I’m the most tired I’ve ever been and it’s not like a I gave birth or anything.

Updates later, after I sleep some.

33 Responses to “You have a cousin now”

  1. damnum absque injuria » Mixed News From the Blogosphere Says:

    […] Blogosphere
    Filed under: Miscellaneous — Xrlq @ 11:50 am

    Say hello to Cousin, and goodbye (for now, at least – emphasis on “for now”) to Robe […]

  2. On The Third Hand : A good post for father’s day. Says:

    […] d post for father’s day.
    SayUncle just became a daddy (yesterday). We’ve all got a new cousin! (There’s also a pic of the new baby girl.) So go say […]

  3. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    Congratulations to you both!

    I’ve got a just-turned 4 month old son myself…the fun is just beginning, my friend.

    So will you reveal the name now? Enquiring minds want to know!

  4. Andrew Says:

    Kick ass! Give my best to Mrs. Uncle and SayCousin!

  5. Pathetic Earthlings Says:

    It’s a Girl
    No, not mine, silly. SayUncle’s….

  6. Chris Wage Says:


  7. skb Says:

    Six pounds, nine oz. 18.5 inches long

    Sounds like a keeper. Congratulations! And say Hi to Moms and the little Cuz for us.

  8. Kevin Baker Says:


  9. Kevin Baker Says:


  10. Indigo Says:

    You are embarking on the greatest challenge and adventure of your life. Contgratulations and good luck.

  11. The Spoons Experience Says:

    Congratulations are in order….

  12. Thibodeaux Says:

    What they said!

  13. Mrs. Xrlq Says:


  14. tgirsch Says:

    Many congrats to you and the Mrs. The countdown to Baby’s First Ruger starts now. 🙂

  15. Ted Says:


  16. kevin Says:


    “Updates later, after I sleep some.”

    Dude, thats gonna be like six months form now 🙂

  17. Lean Left Says:

    Uncle’s Baby
    SayUncle’s wife gave birth to their little girl. Go over and congratulate them!…

  18. Resonance Says:

    Say Cousin
    Congratulations to Say Uncle and Say Aunt for their new young ‘un….

  19. Dave Says:

    Welcome to fatherhood, Uncle. 🙂

  20. Wince and Nod Says:

    Congratulations! Speaking from personal experience, girls are fabulous!


  21. The Baculum King Says:

    “Six pounds, nine oz. 18.5 inches long”

    Weight’s okay, but does it fit the “slot limit”?

    Be a shame to have to throw it back…


  22. robert Says:

    Congrats. You’ll learn to be a human being now, PLUS when you tell someone you love them, you’ll know what the heck you are talking about.
    Much fun, congrats and god bless you three.

  23. deb Says:

    Awwwww the fun’s just beginning, Uncle. AND the heartbreak…little girls are like that 😉

  24. One Man Gang Says:

    Congrats, old man.

    Issue a hearty “Well Done!” to all.

  25. BSTommy Says:

    Congrats, big guy. The best to you all.

  26. Anotherthing2 Says:

    Congrats to you and Mrs Uncle. If you think you’re tired now..just wait 🙂 lol….it’s a whole new experience… 🙂

  27. Hula Doula Says:

    Congrads!!! Now get some sleep!

  28. Kevin T. Keith Says:

    Congratulations! All best wishes to you and the family.

  29. Ladye Says:

    Congrats and blessings.


  30. Kathy K Says:

    Congratulations! And a very happy Father’s Day to you!

  31. Kathy K Says:

    Congratulations! And a very happy Father’s Day to you!

  32. buddy don Says:

    cungrats, sir! tiz a happy day, indeed.

  33. emily soo Says:

    Well, doh, like anyone could be anything but complimentary USABO (upon such a blessed occasion).

    “Don’t you know the world is horribly overpopulated??” she stammered, as they poured the feathers onto the freshly applied tar with which she’d been so generously lavished, preparatory to running her out of town on a rail.

    Or, “Oh great, one more RSS mouth to feed in a world with diminishing resources,” he mumbled under his breath, as the GFPBM (God-fearing pitchfork-bearing mob) loomed over him, holding their torches aloft against the stars shimmering in the heat-saturated air, chanting, “So you think that’s funny, you pathetic little troll?!”

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