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Ban on Chihuahuas

No seriously. The city of Dacono is contemplating a pit bull ban. Again, there is no way to scientifically determine what breed of dog a dog is. It’s based on appearances, which are often misleading. This is why I refer to politically incorrect dog as a Chihuahua.

Update: While I am on the subject of BSL, it seems that California is not a wholly evil place.

2 Responses to “Ban on Chihuahuas”

  1. Manish Says:

    on behalf of the state of California, I thank you for noting what we’re not wholly evil.

  2. SayUncle » Blog Archive » California Breed Specific Legislation Says:

    […] A while back, I learned that state law in California prohibited laws regarding dogs based on breed specific legislation. I opined that California is not a wholly evil place. Now, I’m not so sure: Prompted by a series of vicious dog attacks, lawmakers on Wednesday sent the governor a bill that would allow local governments to require spaying and neutering of specific breeds. […]

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