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In the event you need reminding about why I will not support Dubya this go around, go here:

When President Bush travels around the United States, the Secret Service visits the location ahead of time and orders local police to set up “free speech zones” or “protest zones,” where people opposed to Bush policies (and sometimes sign-carrying supporters) are quarantined. These zones routinely succeed in keeping protesters out of presidential sight and outside the view of media covering the event.

When Bush went to the Pittsburgh area on Labor Day 2002, 65-year-old retired steel worker Bill Neel was there to greet him with a sign proclaiming, “The Bush family must surely love the poor, they made so many of us.”

The local police, at the Secret Service’s behest, set up a “designated free-speech zone” on a baseball field surrounded by a chain-link fence a third of a mile from the location of Bush’s speech.

The police cleared the path of the motorcade of all critical signs, but folks with pro-Bush signs were permitted to line the president’s path. Neel refused to go to the designated area and was arrested for disorderly conduct; the police also confiscated his sign.

5 Responses to “Reminder”

  1. tgirsch Says:

    Now, here I’m with you: Where’s the outrage?

  2. brett Says:

    obviously you’re not going to vote for Hillary, either

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Nope, not a chance. I’m thinking libertarian, or the other buchanon, or just staying home. Dunno yet.

  4. AlphaPatriot Says:

    Security is left up to the Secret Service — the president does not get involved. Even Clinton.

  5. Stoney Says:

    I have had the same thought after some of the things Dubya has supported, but I have to vote, so I guess I’ll vote for him.
    It doesn’t taste good, tho.

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