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Dog Temperament Data

The American Temperament Test Society seeks to evaluate the temperaments of dogs using a standardized test. They have a description of the test that details the situations that they put dogs in. Now, there are obviously some issues with the tests, such as judgment of the judges, the relative excitability of each dog when undergoing a test (they know something is going on), and the type of person to submit their dog to such a test probably thinks that their dog is fairly well-behaved.

They also list the percentage of dogs that pass and fail the tests based on breed. Well, your friendly neighborhood SayUncle compiled the data (available by clicking the more link below) and discovered that based on relative temperament as percentage of pass or fail, pit bulls came in 116th out 202 breeds for having bad temperaments. A Dachshund has a worse temperament according to ATTS than a pit bull. In fact, a pit bull is comparable (scoring slightly better) in temperament to a golden retriever.


5 Responses to “Dog Temperament Data”

  1. BSTommy Says:

    The folks have a black lab and they inherited a pug. The two come in at 157 and 158. They’re two very laid back dogs, and their owners are two very laid back people.

    But it’s like you said….if the folks take the time to socialize a dog, most dogs will turn out okay.

    Except Chows. In my experience, a Chow Chow in a good mood is surly and territorial….but then, I’m biased by a childhood of being terrorized by the neighbor’s Chow.

  2. SDN Says:

    Whereas my Chow, Fuzzy, is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Even the vet loves her. This in spite of being confiscated off an abuse case.

    There are NO bad dogs, only bad owners!

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