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Continuing to be a joke

Barry Bozeman’s response to being suspended from the Ecosystem for using multiple sitemeters on multiple blogs was to, wait for it, start another blog or two.

Oh my. The hilarity continues.

Big fat update: Via Rich, Barry Bozeman admitted his plan long ago:

Currently you will see that League of Liberals records a large number of visits Most of that is because I have placed an L o L site meter on Rush Limbaughtomy and Mahablog has placed one there as well. Our visits accumulate to L o L.

I am mildly concerned about the “ethics” involved in this BUT I have come down on the side of using it because my desire to counter the overwhelming advantage of Conservative Right Wing Bloggers who have larger numbers and a greater pool of priviledged ‘time on their hands computers at their command’ people to draw from. Since what I do is publlc – anyone who looks can see it – I figure it is “fair” in the war for attention in cyberspace. How’s that for a rationalization?.

For a rationalization, it is sad. If you’re ideas don’t sell themselves, then you have to cheat.

8 Responses to “Continuing to be a joke”

  1. justin Says:

    What an absolute loser. What person has that much time or really cares that much to start/write on that many blogs. The man is suffering from penis envy.

  2. Eric Says:

    I’m actually sorry that I clicked on your link…that gave him another hit…what an idiot…

  3. Brian A. Says:

    His new sites already have over 100,000 hits!

    That’s funny.

  4. Les Jones Says:

    I’m more confused than ever. Does this mean that SayUncle is Barry Bozeman and I’m InstaPundit?

  5. AlphaPatriot Says:

    My oh my – I didn’t realize that the VRWC went all the way down to bloggers! No wonder Bozeman has to cheat!

    Silly man. These numbers don’t mean anything except to feed ego. What effect are you having? And are you happy with it?

  6. mog Says:

    Wow, how do you get over 100,000 hits when the site is new? F*ckwit, him not you.

  7. CJ Says:

    Sad… just sad. I can imagine him day after day, night after night, hunched over his computer in his lonely room plotting ways to gain relevance in the blogosphere. He’s like the bad guy in the Care Bears movie, someone give him a hug…

  8. Acanty Says:

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