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What media bias?


When two students retrieved guns they had kept in their cars to stop a public “rampage” shooting at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Va., in January of 2003, only six of 218 unique news reports on the incident mentioned that the students who stopped the shooter were armed. When a Pearl, Miss., assistant high school principal got a gun from his truck, which was parked off campus, to single-handedly stop a mass shooting there in 1997, of 687 unique news stories, only 19 mentioned the assistant principal, only 13 mentioned that he had something to do with stopping the shooting and only ten disclosed that he used his gun to stop the killer.


In the crime blotter from Dec. 26, 2000, Louis “Sandy” Javelle’s name appeared alongside those of six other victims who had been shot to death by a disgruntled co-worker at Edgewater Technologies, Inc., in Wakefield, Mass.

Javelle distinguished himself that day by trying to delay and disarm the gunman, 42-year-old Michael McDermott, before being killed. But Javelle might have saved his own life and at least four others if the concealed handgun permit he held in New Hampshire had allowed him to carry a weapon on his job in neighboring Massachusetts, according to one of Javelle’s friends and numerous firearms policy experts.

“Sandy held both a federal firearms license and a permit to carry a handgun in New Hampshire,” according to his friend, David Bergquist. “Ironically, the gun laws in Massachusetts prevented him from carrying a concealed handgun. But these same laws did not prevent Michael McDermott from obtaining illegal firearms.”

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