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Ohio Concealed Carry

Via CD Harris:

Scores carry handguns openly to press point

They carried their handguns in the open in holsters Wednesday, walking in circles around the Statehouse to protest the inability of Gov. Bob Taft and the state legislature to enact legislation permitting them to carry concealed weapons.

“Were here to demonstrate to the legislature that this is the choice they have left us,” said Pete Brucken, 38, a computer engineer from New Carlisle.

Carrying handguns openly is permitted under Ohio law while carrying concealed weapons is not.

Brucken was among 125 handgun-carrying demonstrators at the peaceful rally organized by Ohioans for Concealed Carry Inc.

Surprisingly, no violence erupted. This is odd, because the Million err Four Mom March, the VPC, and the Brady Bunch have told us that packing would lead to violence in the street.

2 Responses to “Ohio Concealed Carry”

  1. Guy Montag Says:

    You mean none of these violent folks threw newspaper dispensers through the windows of a Starbucks? AMAZING!

    Maybe of we had more guns at World Bank demonstrations they would be less violent too.

  2. Les Jones Says:

    Damned good point, Guy.

    It’s amazing how polite people are at a gun range. Part of it is that an armed society is a polite society, but the other part is simply that the vast majority of legal gunowners are law-abiding family types who respect other people’s rights.