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Rush Limbaughtomy Caught in Another Lie

So, he wants to do a post on trolls, of course accusing myself, CJ and Justin of trolling. I left the following comment at his site:

So, you think prefacing a post with a bunch of meaningless rhetoric and calling other bloggers who comment at sites (those sites actually having comment sections by the way) trolls because we challenged the validity of your site visits requires that meaningless image?

How ’bout addressing your little fibbing episode instead? I’ve been anxiously waiting.

The comment was complete with the link to a post of mine. Rush then goes and edits the comment to remove the link and then asserts:

My site visit stats are public by clicking the sitemeter, eXtreme tracking, and blogpatrol icons on my site.
My addressing of your “fibbing” was done exhaustively.
I don’t see you mentioned here anywhere unless you cop to one of the listed appellations.
Any questions?

And Rush is the same guy who created a hate site for Bill Hobbs because Bill banned him and edited a comment of his. Add hypocrite to the list, right after liar. Of course, he has never addressed his fibbing. So, he has lied again. Then he states:

I cannot remove his homepage link and I did not. Why he thinks it important to include his url as well is his problem – maybe he thinks he will get 30 more visits. Draw your own conclusions about who is sad, deranged, and delusional.

No Rush, I was referring to the link I left in your comments.

It’s one thing to lie but it’s another thing to cover it up and manipulate the comments people leave to support your lie. Initially, I even defended Rush stating that he was just passionate about his beliefs. But I was wrong, he is a total liar who suffers from some sort of delusion of adequacy.

At first, I was a bit angry about his lying episode. But then I realized what a sad, pathetic little man Rush must be. I am better than him and so are most bloggers.

And as Barry of Inn of the Last Home points out, they’re not the same Barry. Please don’t get them confused. The one linked is the good one.

Rush is just a sad little man. And I’ll never read his site again. I suggest you do the same.

4 Responses to “Rush Limbaughtomy Caught in Another Lie”

  1. Barry Says:

    Thanks, SU.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    I edited the below posts as well to remove any reference to RL as barry.

  3. CJ Says:

    Well put.

  4. AlphaPatriot Says:

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