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Guns and Race

Kevin has a good post about guns and racism. As with any study of race factors, the response is to attack such things as racist. I addressed this here a bit back.

Also, one thing often overlooked is the racist origin of gun control. The first gun control laws were passed to disarm blacks. In Tennessee, for example, there was a law passed that stated the only handgun that could be owned was a Colt. These Colts were too expensive for poor blacks to purchase.

2 Responses to “Guns and Race”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    Actually, the Useful Fools post you linked to in the earlier piece was one of the two that prompted me to write mine.

  2. Kevin Baker Says:


    Baaaaad data. The Interpol numbers for Scottish homicide are apparently WAY wrong, and so are the numbers for Sweden (still checking on that.)

    While that isn’t helpful, it does not negate the point of the article, however.

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