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SayUncle Poll

bor poll.jpg

And congrats to me on my first photoshop attempt. Does it suck?

9 Responses to “SayUncle Poll”

  1. David A. Garrett, Jr. Says:

    It would have been nicer with color and the text centered better, but it is hilarious and truthful.

  2. SK Bubba Says:

    It does not suck and in fact is Most Excellent. I even had to look up “penumbra”, which I am embarrassed to admit but for which I give bonus points nonetheless.

  3. Barry Says:

    I don’t know….what’s a Congrefs???

  4. Brian A. Says:


    That’s one of the peculiarities of eighteenth-century handwriting.

  5. AlphaPatriot Says:


  6. Mallisa Says:

    I have a copy of the congres of the united states and not sure what I have it is on very brittle yellow paper and signed by John Adams I’m sure it is a repuction but is it worth anything
    Thank you

  7. AlphaPatriot Says:

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