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Stop Breed Specific Legislation

I suppose it’s America’s nature, but after a bad thing happens, our politicians like to appear to be doing something. Like firearms, dogs can hurt people. Particularly, dogs with irresponsible owners. Apparently, a growing number of politicians have decided that it’s particular breeds of dogs and they propose banning ownership of these dogs through breed specific legislation (BSL). I guess these are assault dogs. These assault dogs are mostly pit bulls. Pit bull is misleading because there really is not a breed of dog known as the pit bull (thought the American Pit Bull Terrier is often what is referred to as a pit bull), rather pit bulls are a class of dogs with similar characteristics. Typically, a pit bull type dog has a large, wide head; is muscular; and is descended from various breeds of English fighting dogs. Banning a breed based on appearances sounds remarkably like some other pointless appearance based legislation. In fact, here’s a quiz: Can you spot the pit bull? No cheating!

There are many problems with BSL:

* It is an unnecessary infringement on people’s rights to choose animal companions.
* Wholesale BSL would lead to the extinction of certain breeds.
* There is no scientific way to determine what breed a particular dog is, so the criteria are appearances. If your dog looks like it might be a pit bull, you’ve broken the law.
* If a breed is banned because it is commonly used in illegal activities (guarding drug stashes, dog fighting, baiting, etc.), another breed will be chosen and eventually all dogs would be banned. Of course, criminals aren’t known to obey laws.
* Humans are ultimately responsible for their pets’ behavior. I promise, I could take a toy poodle and, through neglect and improper socialization and training, turn it into the absolute meanest dog on the planet. Or a golden retriever or any other dog. By that same token, I can take any dog as a puppy and make it a loveable household pet.
* Dogs used by the police are not banned by BSL (sound familiar?)
* The legislation makes criminals out of ordinary pet owners.

States with BSL:

Kalifornia, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, hell err New Jersey, NC, NH, Ohio, RI, Washington (state and DC).

List of Various Banned Breeds:

Akita Inu
Alpahoola Blue Blood
American Bulldog
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Boston Terrier
Bull Terrier
Canary Dog
Chinese Shar Pei
Chow Chow
Dogo Argentino
Dogue De Bordeaux
English Bulldog
Fila Brasiliero
French Bulldog
German Shepherd
Irish Staffordshire Terrier
Neapoliton Mastiff
Old Country Bulldog
Presa Canario
Siberian Husky
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Tosa Inu
any dog that appears to be a mix of these

Some more links dedicated to stopping BSL:

Dogs At Risk
For Pits Sake
Pit Bull Rescue Central

Banning breeds is a pointless exercise that infringes on our liberties and is harmful to dogs (In Detroit, dogs found that appear to be of the banned breeds are immediately euthanized). In addition, it contributes to the climate of fear that our politicians are dependent upon. And it gives dog owners a bad name. Like gun laws, enforcing existing dog laws would be an adequate solution. Educating dog owners about how to raise their dogs would be beneficial too. But like gun laws, the solution taken is the expansion government encroachment.

Educate don’t legislate!

9 Responses to “Stop Breed Specific Legislation”

  1. Jennifer Porter Says:

    I am the “responsible” owner of an 140lb German Rottweiler. He has been the light of my entire families lives as well as anyone who comes in cotact with him. His only fault is his friendliness. Never has he shown agression b/c as a puppy we worked very hard to train him not to feel threatened by people by his food, bones, toys etc. We keep him indoors and when outside he is in an enclosed 6ft fence. We walk him with a choke collar on a short leash late in the day or very early mornings to avoid running into many people. However, we are not dumb and know he is a rottweiler who looks vicious and if threatened or his family threatened could be vicious. We take all precautions to prevent anything from happening to him or others. He is loved as one of my children and I cannot believe a law is being brought into our lives that will ultimately make me choose between jail, no insurance and eviction or my dog. I watch Animal Planets Animals Cops and I am apalled at the light punishment given to owners who allow their pets to starve, be abused, neglected, trained to fight, etc. Maybe this is what is wrong with society, the law towards the owner is 15 days in jail and a fine but the sentence handed to the animal is death! Why don’t we enforce such sentences on the criminals who know right from wrong and the laws as we do to an animal who only knows what it is taught and is only trying to please it’s owner? I would rather die than give up my rights to own my dog because of it’s breed. Profiling breeds is no better than profiling races! Both are wrong and unfair to the majority! I am hoping that the people I helped elect and assumed were intelligent enough to be in office, use that to protect our rights and the rights of the helpless animals that HUMANS make vicious! GOD help the creatures he has created to be companions for humans!

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I agree completely. If you click the main page, you will find resources on how to deal with BSL in the top left hand corner.

  3. Roy Kirkpatrick Says:

    Board: 6 On Your Side
    Subject: so called vicious dogs
    Author: Roy Kirkpatrick
    Date: 09/24/03

    I am just writing to say I cannot believe ohio law has stooped
    so low! there was a dog warden in our neighborhood today looking for a person who was known to fight pitbulls. ( and they should be in jail) however they noticed our american bulldog in the window and confronted my wife about him and agreed how lovable he is but also informed us that we would have to get vicious dog insurance on him or loose him. our dog is 8 mo. old (sleeps in our bed is in a fenced yard. never left out or unattended. but the game warden says it is ohio law. I did not even know that american bulldogs where considered vicious, so from all this I gather my family will have to pay insurance for our dog because someone else was breaking the LAW
    Nice way to go OHIO ! So now people that are responsible enough to treat and raise
    love and care for there animals, have to pay for criminals …

    ( I am sending this again just to make sure you recieve it)
    Roy Kirkpatrick
    718 mckinley ave.
    Newark,Oh. 43055


  4. chris Says:

    I have a pitbull or an American pit bull terroir. Ive had it since she was 6 weeks old. She has never been vicous to anyone kids, adults, other pets we have. Shes known as a muscle with a big smile to everyone.

  5. schaetzie Says:

    My kind neighbor just informed me that this week’s news channel had a commentary about “possible” BSL on rottweilers in NC. I have gone to the channel’s webpage and can find nothing about same. Can anyone inform about this? I live alone with my four-legged daughter, have underground fencing and a “BIG” insurance policy on my girl. Can anyone plese tell me what’s happening or about to happen. I await, nervously.

  6. Julie DeLong Says:

    I received a visit from the dog warden on the 4th of this month. She left a note requesting us to call the dog pound, about our Great Dane and Lab mix. When my husband returned her call (to his surprise) she was no longer interested in the illeged complaint she originally came for. She then started asking about the Pitt Bull that she saw in our window. My husband explained to her that this was not a Pitt Bull, but a registered American Bulldog. She then went on to say she wanted proof of insurance and registration of this dog. My husband asked why, reiterating that this was an American Bulldog not a Pitt Bull. She rudely replied that the dog she saw looked like a Pitt Bull and therefore I must have insurance on her or they would take and euthanize her. Needless to say when my husband told me this I was VERY UPSET!!!! I can’t believe that this loving kind breed would even be considered vicious. What is wrong with people when they can take innocent animals and put them down? Maybe it’s because they’re too little minded, too little educated, and the little power that is given to them is missused. It sickens me that I live more in a communist state than a free one.

    Julie DeLong
    P.O. Box 757
    Utica Oh, 43080-0757

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