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I remember a few years back when Ruger (a gun manufacturer) was accused by several pro-gun type folks of trying to appease the gun control lobby. Apparently, if I recall correctly, Rugerís president stated that all manufacturers should try to comply with what was then The Brady Bill and agreed to various proposed prohibitions.

Todayís players: The LAPD, who purchased some Barrett rifles. Barrett Firearms, who manufactures .50 caliber rifles that are popular among police departments and civilians. And the Violence Policy Center (VPC).

The scene: At a city council meeting, the VPC presents its case that Barrett rifles are too powerful for citizens to own. Some LAPD personnel are there with the LAPDís Barrett rifles for display and implied that they were available in Kalifornia, which theyíre not since rifles in Kalifornia canít have detachable magazines. The LAPD was supporting the proposed ban.

The result: Mr. Barrett sends this letter to the LA police chief. In the letter, he tells the LAPD that, since the LAPD is active in infringing on the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms, Barrett will no longer sell rifles to the LAPD. Nor will it service rifles returned to the factory for repair.

Good to see a gun manufacturer with some balls instead of trying to appease the gun control nuts.

Link by way of Kim du Toit. Thanks!

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