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Racism ainít all itís cracked up to be

I was at a gas station in a predominately black neighborhood today. Upon entering the store I notice that outside was a black lady asking everyone who walks by if they had a coat hanger because she had locked her keys in her car. That is, she asked every black person. She neglected to ask me and I coincidentally did have a coat hanger in my vehicle. As I am leaving the store (having paid for my stuff), sheís still outside asking black people passing by if the had a coat hanger (again, she neglected to ask me). At first, I was offended that she would not ask me. I would, after all, be more than happy to help the lady. Then the irony bug hit me and I decided that I would not offer her my coat hanger but that I would wait and see if she caved and asked me. I stood there at the entrance and fumbled for my keys, stalled, and made a good effort to make eye contact with the lady. It never happened as she would immediately look away. Finally, I left with the satisfaction that her refusal to ask me (a white guy in business casual clothing) would cause her to wait longer than necessary.

I just canít figure it out. I mean, Iím not like hideously ugly or anything. I also think I appear to be a fairly approachable guy. So, the only factor (I concluded) was that I wasnít black.

It was very disappointing in a very surreal sort of way. Bah!

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