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Police report only one bump stock has been turned in.

3 Responses to “Shocking”

  1. blounttruth Says:

    It appears states are ready to step in, just hope many join the parade…

  2. Lyle Says:

    That Missouri ban would be a good gesture, but of course the anti-constructional behavior will never stop until the individuals responsible are held personally and criminally liable.

    And all I said there was “stop”. Stopping the march to fascism isn’t nearly enough. All of it has to be undone. That’s more than 200 years of American history to remedy. The Romish Marxist left is like an aggressive cancer; every bit of it must be eradicated, and the immune system must be made healthy enough to identify and destroy any single cell which appears, or it all grows right back and takes over.

    We know who some of the operators are. They’re household names, and yet they seem to be protected at every juncture, even when they plan, organize, finance and instigate riots. That means our government at all levels is complicit, yet there’s no movement, as it were, to stop it, much less to undo it all.

    “Draining the swamp” doesn’t mean anything whatsoever (no more than “Hope and Change” or “Bridge to the 21st Century”) unless there is a clear, concise and complete definition for it.

    For sure and for certain, the Republican Party isn’t going to reinstate the constitution. Ever. Trump says “drain the swamp” but he wants to refill it with a different version of “health care” and all manner of gigantic public works projects, which means “drain the swamp and refill it with all manner of the same old Roman authoritarian pestilence”.

    In essence, the Republicans are saying about the Democrats what the Democrats are saying about communist dictatorships; “If it appears to be failing, it’s not because it’s wrong; it’s because the wrong people are running it. Let us run it, and then it’ll be beautiful. Amazing.”

    So if this is ever to change for the better, it’ll have to come from the state and even county level, and there will likely be shots fired. Authoritarians, who already believe that they’re in charge, morally right, and superior, never give up until they’re rendered unable to function. Even then they haven’t given up so much as gone into retreat, to regroup, to come back later through the back door, the cellar window, or up through the sewer pipes.

    In other words; I don’t think a genuine constitutional restoration, founded on the Ten Commandments, will ever happen. Not by the hand of Man.

  3. one-eyed Jack Says:

    So, as an 07/SOT,I just engrave it with my name, SN and register it with NFA branch?

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