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Use a holster

An Indiana man, with no carry permit, was carrying his gun without a holster. And shot himself in the meat and two veg.

8 Responses to “Use a holster”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Yeah well, the internet, among others, has been trying to warn him for years now. We at times must learn via pain and suffering, it seems.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    Until they make a pistol that folds in the middle, I can”t even consider Appendix carry.

    Well, that and femoral arteries and veins.

  3. Ron W Says:

    That’s worse than “shooting yourself in the foot”.

  4. Kasper Says:

    “Grant County prosecutors will review the case to consider possible criminal charges.”

    I would think the poor soul has suffered enough…

    Was it a .45 or 9mm?

  5. Ron W Says:

    @Kasper, the prosecutors remind me, “The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state.” –Tacitus, Roman senator and historian

  6. Drake Says:

    9mm Hi-Point. Too damn cheap to buy a holster for his $150 pistol?

  7. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    Pointus at dickus, gobangus. Aw, shitus.

  8. one-eyed Jack Says:

    Like the Rabbi said: It won’t be long now. Jack.

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