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Well, one of many problems actually:

The problem with socialism is that you can vote your way into it but you need to shoot your way out of it.

7 Responses to “True”

  1. Lyle Says:

    In a free country you’d have shoot your way into socialism, because there wouldn’t be any other way, at all.

    If it is possible to vote our way into socialism, we’re not a free country.

  2. JK Brown Says:

    “Socialism is a great idea. That does not mean itís a great reality”

    óThomas Sowell

  3. docmerlin Says:

    Sweden voted their way out of it.

  4. Lyle Says:

    I love thomas Sowell, but he got it wrong on that one; socialism (an altogether coercive system) is a horrible idea. It doesn’t matter that it’s sold as a wonderful system of brotherhood, peace and prosperity; it’s criminal at its very foundation. Maybe he confused the lie with the reality.

  5. B Dubya Says:

    Democracy is used by the totalitarian left to legitimize their assumption of power. After that, democracy has no place in the government.
    Just ask the men who came to power via the ballot and left when they were dead. You know who they are.

  6. B Dubya Says:

    Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, there had never been a successful armed uprising in the USSR or in the Iron Curtain satellites.

    Apparently, what gets you out of a socialist state with all of its enforcement apparatus is the final point where you absolutely run out of other people’s money and your mid level operatives start selling state assets on the black market a penny on the dollar.

    After the collapse of the USSR, Latvia and Estonia successfully told the Russians (The USSR was always a Russian led concern, for and by Russians) to F*** OFF, and Eastern Europe suddenly found itself with no occupying Russian armies and lots of Russian military contraband hardware. But the Russians had to go bankrupt first.

  7. JTC Says:

    One wonders if those who so advocate for a socialist republic here are aware of that fact and that those who would be doing the shooting are well-prepared to do so?

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