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Gun confiscation

More than 1,700 red flag orders of protection in 2017. The NRA is walking a fine line here regarding second amendment rights and due process. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a winning issue for anybody.

17 Responses to “Gun confiscation”

  1. pkoning Says:

    So is there any evidence that the “due process” the NRA pushed for is actually delivered? Or are these simply unconstitutional seizures? If some of each, what fraction comes with due process?
    The “due process” notion is actually constitutionally unsound, but I can see why the NRA felt they had to surrender principle here.

  2. Ron W Says:

    If so called “red flag” laws violate the 4th or 5th Amendments or both, they are criminal actions, period.

  3. JTC Says:

    Warning: pretty bad stream-of-consciousness angry run-on sentence follows…

    Problem with hiding unconstitutional denial of rights behind “due process” is the ineptitude of carrying it out when justified as with the recent POS Indiana transplant who murdered five innocent ladies who dutifully lay down in a row to be slaughtered at the Suntrust bank a mile from my office and two miles from my home and who shouldn’t have been allowed within a mile of a firearm and yet bought one from my friend’s shop the week before with no problem at all in the process in spite of every reason and opportunity to “flag” and deny him, while an anonymous call from a disgruntled ex can and has resulted in causeless and warrantless seizures.

  4. pkoning Says:

    JTC: this suggests that the real purpose of these new laws isn’t public safety, but victim disarmament. The people doing this don’t mind crime, it’s the fuel that helps them justify further infringement. For that reason, the last thing they would want is a change that actually makes things better.

  5. JTC Says:

    pkoning, of course.

    Which is why this mass murder by pure evil incarnate got almost no LSM attention…the laws/rules already in place failed miserably and they don’t want the publicity of that to interfere with more of them which as you say are aimed not at crime prevention but rights prevention.

  6. tincankilla Says:

    my objection to red flag laws is that anyone who needs this type of intervention would have been institutionalized in years past and should get a lot of support now – not just be disarmed and left to their own devices.

    mainstreaming the mentally ill has failed across the board.

  7. Pastafarian Says:

    It’s a shame we can’t just outlaw murder.

    Wait, what’s that? It’s illegal already? The deuce you say, sir. The very deuce.

    Well, then, let’s pass a bunch of laws that will prevent crazies from obtaining firearms.

    What’s that? You’re claiming that passing a law against a thing — making it illegal as all Hell — does not prevent it from occurring in advance? Why, what madness is this? Upon what do you base this wild conjecture?

  8. Ron W Says:

    This is about the demonization of gun owners, a goat-scaping minority, whereby there can be allegations against them and illegal warrantless arrests carried out in violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments. The majority can look the other way and say, “well, no problem, I’m not a gunowner” or just have my hunting guns, of which the ruling elites approve for now–until scoped hunting rifles are used for self defense purposes.

    It’s just like the Jews and others were treated in National SOCIALIST Germany and the bourgeois in Soviet SOCIALIST Russia.

  9. JTC Says:

    Ron W, not sure about the minority thing as applied to citizen households. The concern is the degree to which even some of them buy into the bullshit, like the “common-sense” nics to force defacto registration of sales on the NPA and warrantless seizures. Huge camel’s nose into our tent…need to shoot that humpback bastard.

  10. Ron W Says:

    “The concern is the degree to which even some of them buy into the bullshit,…” –JTC

    I would agree, which is why I mentioned those with hunting rifles or shotguns. But as the author of the excellent “Boston’s Gun Bible”, Ken Royce wrote, “if gun banners really knew anything about guns, they would be wanting to ban scoped, bolt-action rifles.” So it’s likely that your hunting rifle eventually becomes an evil sniper rifle–just like the “evil black rifles” now.

  11. rickn8or Says:

    And if today’s coverage of the Aurora, IL shooting is any indication, deadly laser sights will be the next item demonized.

  12. JTC Says:

    Ron W, yes but it’s not just the Zumbo’s…

    Many -some reports say 98%- who love their sport rifles and carry every day have been inculcated by the common sense and reasonableness” of sacrificing the last bastion of gun ownership freedom to the universal registration that 4473’s and NICS absolutely are.

    What seems so innocuous is in fact so treacherous.

  13. Ron W Says:

    “… the universal registration that 4473ís and NICS absolutely are.” –JTC
    Yes, a criminal operation!

  14. FŻz Says:

    Meanwhile a dude with a felony conviction in Mississippi didn’t get his pistol seized, and he proceeded to shoot up his soon-to-be-former workplace in Illinois.

  15. FŻz Says:

    pkoning: “The people doing this donít mind crime, itís the fuel that helps them justify further infringement. ”

    We call it Cloward-Piven.

  16. Ron W Says:

    @Fuz, yeah, it was reported that Illinois LE “ordered him to voluntarily turn in his gun”. Ordered voluntarily?? If they determined he possessed it illegally, shouldn’t they go take it? Yes! So once again, local, State or Federal law enforcement FAILED or REFUSED to enforce current laws, just as they did in the Parkland school shooting and the Texas church shooting. And the tragic, deadly results are used as a pretext for more gun laws against us!!

  17. Ritchie Says:

    “Due process” after government action sounds kind of Soviet to me.

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