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Life in the future

A man has an emotional support alligator.

I would say the future is stupid but I’d kinda like a pet alligator.

One Response to “Life in the future”

  1. mikee Says:

    When my kids were in their preteen years, they learned that coastal Texas supports a large population of alligators. They wanted one, or more.

    I told them that if they caught an alligator, I’d let them keep it, and I’d set up a caged pond in the back yard for their gators. Didn’t think about it again for about 15 years.

    Then my son comes back from a visit to a friend in Beaumont, and asks if my promise was still in effect. Fortunately, he’d only seen a bunch of young gators in his friend’s local lake, not brought any home. But yeah, I’d keep a few out back if only to keep the cat on her best behavior.

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