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I think he is 100% correct

Sebastian: In my mind gun people are suffering from a number of maladies

One Response to “I think he is 100% correct”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Honestly, who doesn’t have a “malady” once in a while? My right foot has been sore for a while, for example.

    Also; “In my mind…” Key words, those. That which is in one’s mind, and that which is reality, never overlap 100%, on the Venn diagram. In fact, getting those circles (“what is in your mind” verses “what is reality”) to align ever more perfectly is a life-long process that is never, ever, fully completed.

    That begs the question also; who put that notion (“gun owners have maladies”, meaning they’re crazy, I guess) in your mind? And why? What was, and is, the motivation? Only in earnest pursuit of the answers to those questions may we begin to understand the situation. Often there is little earnest pursuit of the whole truth, but rather a willful avoidance of it, for issues of guilt, repentance and re-evaluation soon arise, and who wants to go THERE?

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