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Commies gonna commie

Venezuelans regret giving up their guns.

One Response to “Commies gonna commie”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Same old story.

    If they hadn’t tolerated, or even welcomed, even demanded, a socialistic government, and instead held fast to the perfect law of liberty, if they’d understood the American founding principles and actually embraced them, they wouldn’t have been the type of people to give up their guns.

    Point being, it ain’t about the guns, per se. To wit; give guns to a bunch of Marxists, scallywags and papists, who despise the idea of private property, and watch what happens. We’ve seen that play out several times already of course, and behold; the guns never have risen up all on their own and put the love of the Ten Commandments into the people’s hearts.

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