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For the zombie apocalypse

How to cast your own bullets

4 Responses to “For the zombie apocalypse”

  1. Fz Says:

    For a Grand, you can add the equipment to jacket them too, from spent .22LR cases:

  2. Jailer Says:

    He’s pan lubing a tumble lube design bullet. Ok write up but there’s better sources out there.

    A better option, especially if you have a can, is cast and coat with Hi-Tek.

    I have no affiliation with Hi-Tek, just a happy customer.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Odd that he shows us some failed castings, but no good ones. Or were those his “good” ones? It’s not clear.

    Most people get crummy bullets because they’re not watching the pot temperature and mold temperature. At least get a lead thermometer. They’re cheap. You’ll thank me later.

    While the pot is heating up, have the mold heating up at the same time by laying it on a portable electric hot plate. Any slight break you take, set the mold on the hot plate. A mold can get too hot, depending on the mold block size compared to the cavity size, but in my casting of multiple calibers, using aluminum, iron and brass molds, it’s almost always a challenge keeping the mold hot enough.

  4. Standard Mischief Says:

    For a while there the hotness was copper plating your bullets with the help of stump remover

    The new hotness seems to be tumbling your bullets with inexpensive harbor freight powder coating powder, then baking

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