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Where Great Britain Used To Be

The Department of Pre-Crime:

Police in the UK want to predict serious violent crime using artificial intelligence, New Scientist can reveal. The idea is that individuals flagged by the system will be offered interventions, such as counselling, to avert potential criminal behaviour.

I see now way this can end poorly.

4 Responses to “Where Great Britain Used To Be”

  1. nk Says:

    Heh! I saw that movie too.

  2. JTC Says:

    Heck, our own proglodytes do that without using any intelligence at all, artificial or otherwise…they call it “preemptive gun removal”. Given the chance they would happily regress us to The Place Where Constitutional Freedom Used To Be.

  3. Drake Says:

    I bet they turn it off after a month when all the suspects turn out to be Muslims. The AI is obviously racist.

  4. Publius Says:

    If it appears to work, was it a false positive?

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