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Your ignorance is showing

The big post election gripe by the losers in the senate is that Dems won the popular vote in senate races. These people are idiots who need to take a civics class.

Even Joy Behar said that Republicans won the senate because of gerrymandering. The states are not divided into districts in senate races. She has what I would consider to be a fairly hard job to get. One that, you would think, would require some smarts. Apparently not.

7 Responses to “Your ignorance is showing”

  1. pkoning Says:

    Smarts? No. Some of those jobs require looks, but others merely require the correct politics.

  2. Tim Says:

    Let their delusions continue. I’d submit the elections went quite well, actually. Losing the House is par for the course, and it was certainly no ‘wave’.
    More importantly, boosting the senate virtually guarantees DJT gets to flood the judiciary with whomever he likes. I note that Ginsburg’s yoga routines have been cancelled until further notice.

    2020 is light years away, of course, but I think every passing week brings more and more minorities into the DJT camp. If the dems squander their entire political capital with continuing absurd “investigations” & reminding all men how much they hate them, I’d say DJT’s chances are pretty darn good.

  3. Old NFO Says:

    Wow… They haven’t taught ‘Civics’ since the 80s, and it truly shows… Sigh…

  4. Ravenwood Says:

    The Dems only won the “popular vote” in Senate races because of California.. where 100% of the votes went to Democrat candidates because there were no Republicans on the ballot.

  5. JTC Says:

    Like Bro. Bill said, “depends on what your definition of___is”.

    Smart? in the excrement of academia sense, maybe; some of the stupidest people I ever met and egaged with were some of the most “educated”. But as to logic, reason, critical thought? Not so much.

    Journolists are people chosen for their looks and acting ability, to create a perception of truth reality from a script. Which explains why those employed directly in entertainment tend towards them. Same for politicians of course; all is perception for perception can be morphed into truth at least until reality catches up, and by then it could be too late…and it almost was.

  6. Drake Says:

    The New Jersey GOP was wiped out by gerrymandering. My District had a Republican Rep for 20+ years. Then 2 years ago they chopped the district in half and drew it in a crazy shape to include a bunch of leftists on the other side of the state.

  7. Sigivald Says:

    “It’s gerrymandering because there’s all those states where badthinkers have a majority!”

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