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Election night

It’s election time and, as they tell us wrongly every year, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVAAAAAARRR!!!!!

In Tennessee, there’s been a pretty nasty senate race and I am glad that I won’t have to listen to those awful God-damned commercials anymore. The governor’s race was much more civil.

I don’t know that I’d even venture a guess on the outcome tonight, other than the Rs will pick up a senate seat or two. Any predictions?

9 Responses to “Election night”

  1. NukemJim Says:

    I’ll play. Please remember this is a WAG.

    Very high voter turnout this time could lead to the Dems winning more than expected. Reps will lose control of the House and will probably lose the Senate as well. Overall the Dems will do very well.

    Please note that this is not what I want to have happen, just what I think/guess will happen.

    It is much easier to get someone to actually go out and vote when they hate/dislike someone than when they like someone. Wether you like him or hate him, everyone must admit Trump has ticked off many, many millions of people

  2. Huck Says:

    True Jim, but Trump’s also pleased many, many millions of people too.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    I suddenly think we’re screwed, after thinking we’d be fine literally up until about 10 minutes ago.

    Same thing happened to me in 2012.

  4. Bruce Says:

    Well, the Rs have spent enough money to make Tester a possible loss for the Ds. I haven’t seen the Pres this many times in the state in my lifetime.

  5. NukemJim Says:

    Huck, Yes he has pleased millions as well, no argument about that as well as having the economy revved up.

    But it’s people who are ticked off that vote a lot more than people who like a candidate.

    Again did not say that I like it, just what I am guessing will happen.

  6. Tim Says:

    I don’t think it’ll be that bad, Nukemjim. RHINOs keep the senate, making the endless, retarded impeachment threats moot. They’ll definitely lose seats in the house, but may yet keep a slim majority. Even if they don’t, there a lots of democrats in red states who will need to support the President’s successful record if they want to keep their jobs. I suspect we’ll see a fair amount of “reaching across the aisle” behavior in the next two years.

  7. Old NFO Says:

    NOt a freakin’ clue! 😀

  8. Anon Says:

    Contra Tim, I predict no reaching across the aisle. Dem’s will scream like idiots for 2 years. Nothing much will get done. Expect more record deficit spending. Senate will continue to confirm decent judges. The Meuller ‘make work program for deep state wankers’ will continue unabated. The economic gains of the last two years will be lost as Dems intentionally tank the economy while the press blame Trump. People will be stupid enough to fall for this, trump will not get a second term. Border wall will now never be built, the country will continue to be flooded with 3rd world parasites. All the while, CWII creeps ever closer.

  9. HL Says:

    It was pretty pro how Fox News told republican voters to stay home so early in the evening.

    Any lefty who wants to whine about how Fox is right wing can stick that right up their bead holder.

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